Why Foster-to-Adopt?

1:12 PM

(A high level + condensed look at why we've chosen to expand our family through fostering.)

We can (financially): While domestic and international adoptions average $30,000+ in costs, foster care and foster-to-adopt costs you almost nothing. (I would say it costs you nothing, but there are a few small fees you will encounter along the way, i.e. buying a fire extinguisher $40-$60, a health and safety home inspection $30, fingerprinting and background checks $40 per person/adult, CPR + First Aid training $35 per adult.)  So basically nothing ;)

We can (emotionally and mentally): The scariest part of fostering for me is giving u pa child that I have cared for and loved for months or years.  But we have been made strong though the grace of Christ to obey Him in things like caring for orphans in their distress,  We cannot do this on our own so "we take our discomfort captive and remember that Jesus gave up all of His comfort for us." -Sara Brawner

We should: Every Christian is commanded to participate in orphan care in some way, but adoption and/or fostering is not possible for everyone.  For us the decision was as easy as we can do it and therefore we should! (To him who knows to do good and does not to him it is sin.)  We have the income, the required space, to care for these children.  We have the health and the energy needed to care for these kids.  Most importantly we have Christ, the One who equips us for every good work for His ultimate glory.

We see an urgent need: "Orphan care is not about us, it's about them." -J. Carr  Recently in Texas there were kids sleeping in CPS offices for lack of open homes.  I have the option of walking away from this, the children do not.  For every bit of fear and worry I might feel about welcoming these children into our home, theirs is 10x bigger at being snatched away from all that's familiar (no matter how sad or painful that familiarity was for them) and brought to live with strangers.  They're living a life that is a direct result of someone else's choices, most of them not good.  And someone who is willing to take them and care for them in the midst of that kind of mess could possibly be life-saving for them.

We too have been adopted and know the Love of Christ: "This is each of our stories.  This is the Gospel.  We were gone astray, wandering, without home or purpose or value and God took us in.  He gave us Himself.  He called us His sons and daughters.  He gave us a home with him forever."  -Sara Brawner