the utterly mundane || 11/52

12:45 PM

We flew to Indiana this weekend to surprise your grandma for her birthday.  You were a champ for your first flight, even though we had to sit on the plane without moving for an hour and a half because of mechanical problems.  You make friends wherever we go, and bring out the smiles and friendly in everyone around us and I love that.  It was super fun to take you to your dad's family's house, you played in his old cowboy hat, I showed you my favorite pictures of your daddy when from when he was younger, and you were loaded up with kisses from your Indy family.

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  1. the ones of judah in the cowboy hat + on the airplane are my fave - what a sweetie <3

  2. I cannot get over how precious these (and this series) are. I love the game of Catan in the background :)