the utterly mundane || 7/52

8:52 AM

There simply are not many grand moments of life, and we surely don't live life in those moments.  No, we live in the utterly mundane.  We exist in the bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways of life.  This is where the character of our life is set.  This is where we live the life of faith."
paul david tripp

Your daddy had the day off, and that coupled with the amazing 70 degree weather we were having seemed like the perfect opportunity to introduce you to one of our favorite things.  Picnics have been our favorite kind of date for several years now... our alltime favorite date before we were married was the day we spent a sunday afternoon at white rock lake, picnic-ing, throwing the baseball, and dreaming about life together.  We went back to that same lake a few months later for a picnic + kayaking date, your daddy planned a picnic for us on the day he asked me to marry him, and we went on several picnics while you were busy growing big in my tummy.  Needless to say your first picnic will be the first of many, and we loved getting to be out on a family date, flying a kite, playing washers, and laughing at how terribly terribly cute and funny you are.

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  1. I'm pretty sure that if I saw your family from a distance one day, I would just have to stop and stare. You three are the cutest + I love seeing the different things you do with Judah. He has a good mommy and daddy. ;)

  2. I love that picnics are your "thing." it's so cool that judah will grow up with special traditions like that. :)

  3. Beautiful captures, Jessica! It's definitely not yet picnic weather around here, but happy for you. :) Have a blessed February <3

  4. This pictures warm my heart. So precious. I really am enjoying your weekly photos.. they are so beautiful.

  5. At the risk of sounding redundant... Judah. is. SO. cute. I love that you make a point of documenting firsts, and not just the big ones that everyone does like first birthdays, etc. You make me excited to be a mom someday. :-)

  6. What a doll him is!!! Also...
    Him has da cutest wittle wion cub butt I's eber seen!!!
    He is lifting/pushing up so well...exciting!!!
    That looks like the most uncomfortable nap position EVER, too funny!
    Him just reawy needed to stretch on dat picnic bwanket.
    Lunch looks deee-licious, but I'll take dose piggies stickin' out in der.
    Him is reawy, reawy tawented at fwying a kite.
    And finally, yay for getting you shoe off little honey. You did so good.
    I wuv you.