the exponential impact of mothering

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[ an excerpt from a journal entry I wrote a few weeks ago.  I needed the encouragement then, and I needed it again today as I reread it.  I'm six months in and still trying to grasp the enormity of the role I've been given as Judah's mommy.  Here are just a few very unedited thoughts on the matter... ]

"Fruit is a vehicle for seeds.  I love this.  It is so true that as we work to bear fruit,
we are also bearing the seeds of a lot of future fruit."
- r. jankovic

I am the product of parents who disciplined, loved, and sacrificed for me for 18+ years.  I'm now raising the first of hopefully many littles, who are going to grow up & Lord willing invest in others lives... and so it will go on and on and on.  This is what motherhood is all about.  The gospel in action--laying down my life for them so that Christ is honored and they're equipped to then go out and lay down their lives for others.  The results are exponential.  The effect of one life laid down is one that could never be calculated.

Susannah Wesley (one of my favorite mothers in history) gave birth to 19 children, 9 of whom died very young.  Her husband spent much of their marriage in debtors prison, leaving her for months and years at a time as a single parent who home schooled all 10 of their remaining children.  There must have been many long dark days for her during those years.  But the work of her hands does not go unnoticed because thousands have been brought to Christ through the teachings of two of her sons, John & Charles Wesley.

Judah may never preach to thousands, or pen words that continue to be read hundreds of years after his death--but Lord willing I will be used to bring him to Salvation and then if he is even one persons "John Wesley" my work will be multiplied over and over. ...Motherhood is an incredible opportunity to impact the world for Christ.

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  1. wow, needed this reminder. also goes for anyone with younger siblings!! we so often forget that all these 'littles' are the future, and how are we investing in them TODAY? love your heart, Jessica.

  2. I'm not a mother yet, but the one I have is so often one of the most selfless people I know - all because she chooses dies of self everyday to be like Jesus while she cares for, home-schools, nourishes, and trains her ten children at home. SO! I can testify to the fact that... YOU are doing something really really beautiful raising your precious little one. The quiet difference you are making in this world as a mother is a great thing - whether the rest of the world sees it that way or not! ;-) God bless you as you bear and raise "the seeds of a lot of future fruit"!

  3. It's such a joy to be a mother!

  4. Thanks for being his mommy and my Sweetheart. Go, Judah, go!