5 weeks old

little pj's

1:46 PM

It's hard to believe that the tiny footie pajama's we bought the day we found out you were going to be our fierce little Judah Lion, and not Audrey, or Jane, or any of the other girl names we'd been tossing around, are officially too small for you.  Yesterday, on your 5 week birthday I snapped a ridiculous number of pictures of you grinning and rolling around in our bed before I took off those sweet little pj's for the last time.

While I regularly find myself thinking all the cliche sappy mom thoughts "don't ever grow up!" and "can't time just stand still?!" I usually stop myself because if I'm honest, I love each and every moment with you so much that I look forward to the hundreds of moments ahead of us.  And I'd rather live in anticipation of the sweetness ahead than in dread of moments that pass too quickly.

Thanks for being my smiley smooshy faced love.

date night

first date night "post-baby"

1:27 PM

(I have so many sweet, dear-to-my-heart, sentimental memories stored up from the past 3 weeks.  And while this first blog post "post-baby" is not the most sentimental of posts, it's a memory I don't want to forget and so I'm writing it out before that happens.)

This past Saturday we decided we needed to get out of the house and do something together.  Other than a few doctors appointments and church I hadn't really gone anywhere since having Judah, and we were all itching to do something that felt like normal life again.  (you know, where you shower and put on real clothes and go out and talk to other people?!)  We decided to go to the mall because Josh had been wanting to take me shopping for clothes for weeks but I kept telling him we had to wait until after Judah came, because hello, who feels like going clothes shopping at 9 months pregnant?

It was mid-late afternoon (4:30) when we finally decided we were going to go somewhere and started getting ready. By the time we were both dressed and ready to go, and had gotten Judah all ready and packed up (because yes, there is packing involved when you're taking a baby out in public) I realized that it was almost time for Judah to eat (5:30) so we might as well stay home a little longer so I could feed him there instead of crammed in the car in the parking lot of the mall.  I fed him and when I was done handed him off to Josh so that he could burp him while I went and got my shoes on.  As I'm handing him over Judah throws up bigger than he ever had before allllll over Josh.  I took Judah back so Josh could go change and we could go.

I then realized that if we were going to the mall we would need the stroller which we hadn't finished putting together (the main part of the stroller was put together, but the carry cot "pram" attachment had just come in the mail and we hadn't put that on.) so we'll just do that "real quick" before we leave.  Ha.  Haha.  We started around 6:30 and over an hour later, after much sweat and frustration, (and blast the man who wrote the assembly instructions for this thing!) it was finally. put. together.

Oh, and guess what?  Judah was hungry again, so.  I fed him and we looked at each other and asked if maybe it was time to give up on this idea.  At this point it was 8:30 and the mall closed in 30 min.  So new plan!  Fro-yo (because neither of us had had dinner yet) and Target!  (because gosh darnit I was going to get out of this house if it was the last thing I did!)  Judah finished eating, we threw everything in the car just daring anyone to try and stop us from leaving and over 4 hours from the time when we decided we wanted to go do something, we were off!

On the way there I realized I had forgotten to put on make-up, and had left my purse at home.  But who cares, we were going out!  Date night family style! ;)

Halfway through eating my deliiish frozen yogurt I remembered "Hello numbskull, YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE EATING ANY DAIRY RIGHT NOW.  So way to go OD-ing on, um, a little bucket of straight creamy goodness."  (Josh was kind enough to finish mine for me. And thoughtful enough to apologize for it the entire time he was eating it.)

We left fro-yo, and obviously I was still hungry so we went to the best place to get bad-for-you comfort food at 9:30 at night, Mcdonalds, where I ordered the largest size fries they sold.  And then we sat in the parking lot, while our baby slept quietly in the back, eating french fries and watching Ron Swanson youtube videos.  (I'm telling you, you can't PLAN date nights this good.)

As soon as we got to Target we realized that Judah had a dirty diaper.  So I wheeled him into the restroom to change him and decided to just change him in the stroller. (It's a pram stroller, plenty big enough to change him in, and far less germy than the changing table on the wall :P)  I had almost finished changing him and Judah decided it was time to try something new: peeing while his diaper was off.  I tried to catch most of it with the diaper I was attempting to put on him but he was too quick for me and managed to christen the new stroller quite thoroughly before I got things under control.  I cleaned him and the stroller as best as I could and wheeled him back out to Josh so we could walk around Target for the 40ish minutes we had left before they closed for the night.  We eventually bought pacifiers and left.

On the way home we laughed about how crazy the evening was, how our first attempt at a "date night" looked a little different post-baby than it did pre-baby, and despite how un-romantic and stressful it may have seemed at times, it was one of my favorite memories together since Judah was born.  There's something about doing life with your best friend that makes stroller assembly+baby throwup and pee+no makeup+ and mcdonalds french fries seem like the greatest fun that could be had, simply because you're doing it with the greatest person you've ever known.

We took this picture in the parking lot on our way out of Target, make-upless, exhausted, and so happy to be a little family doing things together :)

(and then just one of my little man for fun, because he's the cutest thing I've ever seen.)