Hello Baby. || week 36/37

5:12 PM

lil' raspberry,

this week at your 37 week appointment i told my midwife that i thought you had dropped but that i wasn't sure, because i've been carrying you low for most of the pregnancy so it was hard to tell.  (not to mention i've never had a baby before, so... knowing what all of these things are supposed to feel and look like to me is a mystery--imagine that ;)  so we listened to your heartbeat and then she started feeling around on my belly to try and see what position you were in and if you had dropped.  after just a minute her eyes got really big and she said "oh wow, he's definitely dropped!  his heads already engaged!"  (basically, you were as low as you could possibly be ;)  that explained the new waddle i was sporting everywhere i walked and the fact that your hands now felt like they were punching me in my leg.

You've been hitting all the benchmarks along the way just a little bit ahead of "the norm" and i've secretly been hoping that you might come a little early.  so when my midwife said "i don't think you'll make it to your due date..." i did a little fist pump on the inside but then immediately started talking myself out of getting toooo excited because really most first born (especially boy) babies come late.  so, you'll probably be late.  but there's a chance you could come early?  but i should really just plan on the beginning of september sometime.  but just between you and me you could totes come before then.  i mean, if you're ready and all.

but you know what the greatest part is?  either way, i'm going to kiss those little feet and hands that have been poking me extra hard these days sometime in the next 3ish weeks.  and that, my lovee son, is way too much excitement for me to handle ;)


rangers game with daddy!

your current favorite snacks are: really honestly the only thing I consistently want at this point is popsicles. like 4 of them.  every day.  it's just so hot all the time, and popsicles are just so cold and wet. sweet nectar from heaven i tell ya ;)

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  1. Keep that freezer stocked with frozen deliciousness in every color Josh! :)

  2. Well...if he's born on September 4th, he and I will be birthday buddies! Jus' sayin'. ;)

    Love these sweet updates, Jessica! What a sweet mommy-to-be you are!