hello baby. || week 34/35

3:47 PM

lil' raspberry,

one of my favorite things over the past few months has been to "watch" your personality develop right along with the rest of your body.  obviously i'm somewhat limited in how much i can actually get to know you right now, but believe me, spending 24/7 with someone wether you can see and talk to them or not you start to notice patterns and preferences and i've loved discovering those about you.

you're an opinionated little man (like your mommy) and you seem to know exactly what you do and don't like.  hiccups are definitely on the don't like list for you.  over the past week or so you've started having them about twice a day, usually once in the afternoon and then again around bedtime.  you always get irritated with them, and your movements get angry and feel like you're trying to get away from the continual lurching ;)  and for as much as you move around during the day, you seem to balance that out with sleeping really well at night, only waking up whenever i do.  it makes me happy to feel you lazily stretch out and wiggle around a little bit every time i have to get up to go to the bathroom and then snuggle down again once i'm back in bed and starting to doze back off.  we're buds, you and i ;)  car rides and water seem to relax you, wether it's swimming or a shower you're a fan of them both, i'm sure.  you hate it when i rest things on you, and always try to kick things off of my belly if i leave them there for any amount of time.  you have quite the little attitude ;)

your hands are my current favorite thing about you... they've gotten so big and strong here recently, that you've actually tickled me from the inside twice now, and made me jump and laugh out loud it felt so funny.  but beyond that it feels like they're always moving, exploring your little world in there, your fingertips constantly brushing along the inside of my belly feeling similar to soft little butterfly kisses.  i love that you move your hands so much, maybe that means you'll talk with your hands like me?

every day with you is so much fun little ras, so very glad you're mine to love.


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  1. What a sweet little guy...I'm bursting with excitement to meet him soon! "The cousins" have a similarity in their hiccuping toward the end of the pregnancy...I remember that happening more and more frequently with Noah as he got closer to his arrival. What cute wittle cousins! :) Just think, you'll be giving him REAL butterfly kisses oh-so-very-very-very-soon! WOOO-HOOO!!!!!