the "we" in pregnancy

8:32 PM

i remember a few years ago a friend explaining why they always told people "we're pregnant" during their pregnancy with their first little one.  obviously her husband was not pregnant.  he wasn't the one experiencing morning sickness, he wasn't going to be getting any stretch marks, and he certainly wasn't going to have to experience the pain involved in birthing their baby.  but her reason for saying "we" instead of "i" stuck with me and has made so much sense ever since "we've" been pregnant.

dearest best buddy husband of mine, i'm so very glad that we are pregnant.  together.  because, yes, while i'm the one with heartburn, swollen feet, aching back, and the belly jumping all over the place from kicks + hiccups, you are the one that is faithfully loving and serving me + your little boy through it all.

your hands are the ones that rub away the swollen-ness in my feet after a long day of shooting + almost every other day of the week as well.  those same hands have spent countless late night hours rubbing knots out of my back until you're practically falling asleep so that i too can fall asleep comfortably.

you are the one who always makes sure i have (ICE-COLD) water by my bed every night before we fall asleep because you know i wake up hot and thirsty in the middle of the night, brings me popsicles (because i always want them), and has made countless cups of chocolate milk (to help with the heartburn, of course).

several mornings you have tip-toed around our bedroom as you get ready to go to work and skipped breakfast so that I can sleep in after a rough night of not enough sleep.

your patience with me has never run out, not when i want to eat at chipotle (AGAIN) for the 3rd time in a week, when i'm crying over something that no one should everrrr cry about (code word: haircut. no, not mine, yours.) or when i want to talk your ear off about registering, or something equally boring.

you have cheerfully endured far too many "pizza" and "leftover" nights in our first 9 months of marriage.

you come home from work and ask if i want to go on a walk because regardless of the fact that you're exhausted from a long day you know walking until the stars come out is one of my favorite things to do, and you love to do my favorite things. (because my favorite is your favorite, as you like to remind me all the time.)

your faithfulness to love, treasure, and delight in me, even as i've gotten a little bit chubbier/sometimes grumpier/definitely burpier over the past 8 months has left me overwhelmed with gratefulness that YOU are my adventure partner ...and that WE are pregnant ;)  i can't imagine doing this without you.

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  1. This is tear-worthy. So beautiful.

  2. you guys. so precious. love your posts.

  3. You're making me bawl over here. *wipes eyes* So precious. :)

  4. I just love you guys. So much. :)

  5. That's one awesome hubby you have

  6. That's basically just the absolute sweetest thing I've ever heard :) You are so blessed and I am so happy for you darling! Congratulations to both of you on this wonderful and blessed pregnancy, and the baby it will produce in just a few short weeks longer :)
    Love you both. You inspire me. xx

  7. Awh, this is the sweetest thing! Sounds like you really have an amazing hubby!

  8. this makes me smile. you two are the greatest, and can't wait to see little raspberry's pictures very very soon! :)

  9. This is beautiful. That's all.

  10. omgah, this has be gushing over you guys. your man sounds a lot like mine. i know that when "we" start our family, he'll be there for me like this, and it makes me excited. (but not too excited. no. patiencccce.) ;) <3