hello baby. || week 30/31

3:46 PM

lil' raspberry,

these past two weeks have been busy!  you got to spend this past week with 11 other girls helping me teach them about photography.  the days were long and so so SO very hot (record highs for june in texas!) but you were a trooper and didn't seem to mind the fact that i was so busy all the time, or all the extra hands that wanted to touch you and feel your bumps and kicks.  i just love "sharing" you with people, i get to feel you all day long and it's one of my favorite things in the world, but seeing other people's face light up when they feel your little foot kick against their hand is pretty great as well ;)

from week 16 when i first felt you kick (which was way early for a first time mom to feel movement) you've been a non-stop bouncing/flipping/poking/pushing/moving all day long babylove.  there are times when i wonder when you sleep, because you're always so active!  here recently you like to push back whenever i have anything resting on my belly, usually my hands or arms.  whenever i put my hand on my belly i can count on the fact that within seconds you'll have found it and be kicking or pushing at it with your little hands and feet, or sometimes your little bottom.   i love feeling like I'm "playing" with you when that happens, sometimes i'll poke you (gently!) to get you to poke back.

we are just weeks away from playing with you in person, it seems a little bit surreal to try and imagine!  you measured a week ahead at your doctors appointment this week, so maybe you're planning on coming a little bit early?  (i'd be waaaaay ok with that!)


thanks to one of my interns for grabbing this shot of me while shooting one night, i'm sorry i don't know which one of you took it!

your favorite snacks right now are: pineapple (still obsessed) and chic-fil-a!

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  1. so sweet. my sister and i love reading your baby updates :D

  2. ohhhh my goodness, how exciting! love how interactive your little one is. can't wait to see their beautiful face! ♥

  3. so darling. :) this is the cutest thing... as are you. can't wait to 'meet' lil raz on the blog. ;) <3

  4. LOVE this! Wish I was closer so I could "feel" that little guy :)

  5. I love to read your Hello Baby posts, they are so adorable! Lord bless you and keep you (and baby raspberry) safe.

  6. lovely thoughts + adorable picture, jessica! so excited for your little family - praying! <3

  7. can't wait to put a face on this sweet raspberry! and i absolutely cannot wait to see/hear/read more about your internship!