hello baby. || week 27

12:23 PM

lil' raspberry,

week 27(!!!) third trimester (!!!) 2/3 of the way there (!!!)  90ish days until I can cover your face with kisses (!!!)

there have been days here recently when I've told your daddy "he's big enough to come out now, right?  I mean, babies are born at 25-27 weeks all the time and are ok, so, why doesn't he just come now?!  I NEED TO SQUEEZE HIS SQUISHY CHEEKS, K??"  thankfully your daddy is a little bit more patient than me and is not overcome by irrational hormonal urges and keeps reminding me that you're much better off in my belly for the next 12+ weeks.

so while i'm waiting on you to "hurry up and finish growing already...!" i love any interaction i can get with you.  my new favorite thing to play with you is "try and grab the foot" every time you stretch.  you seem to have settled into a comfortable position, so for the most part your little feet are usually up at the top right hand side of my belly.  and all throughout the day you'll wake up and stretch and i can cup your tiny little foot with my hand as you push it out and then lazily slide it around.  and i love it.  can't get enough of it.  sometimes i push on my belly to see if i can get you to do it more because it's just. so. fun.   you also respond to pressure and touch really quickly.  any time i have my hand or arm resting on my belly, or if my laptop is propped up on my belly as i work, it usually only takes you a few seconds to find my hand or whatever is pushing down on you and you start pushing back.  it's ridiculous how cute i think this is.

you flew to chicago with me this past weekend for a couple of engagement sessions and a wedding, and although i missed your daddy so much, it was nice to have one of my favorite buddies there with me the whole weekend ;)


thank you Lauren for this picture!

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  1. This has to be, like, my favorite 'hello baby' posts...EVER! :) Makes me look forward to bring a Mommy someday.

  2. lil ras will come in due time! hang in there, you'll see those squishy cheeks soon enough. ;)

  3. That is so cute how he responds to pressure! You are a good mama.