hello baby. || week 25/26

10:52 AM

lil' raspberry,

life is busy busy these days, and i have fallen behind on posting these letters, so we're going to have to combine a few weeks to help me catch up!  you have been busy busy growing these past few weeks and have officially "popped" out and since there's no hiding the fact that there's a little you in my belly, everyone we see loves to ask how old you are!  i got to feel your hiccups for the first time this week, and it was so funny to feel your little body "jump" over and over again every few seconds.  you're a whopping 14(ish) inches long and weigh 2lbs now!  grow baby grow!

this weekend we spent 3 days in houston with your cousin, aunt, and uncle.  when your uncle dan walked in the door from work the night we got there and saw you for the first time his first response was "oh wow."  he hadn't seen you+me since you were just about 4 weeks old, and was very impressed with how big and strong you'd gotten ;)  (at least I'm sure that's what his reaction was about... and not because of how big I was ;)  daddy and i spent the weekend playing with your cousin noah (who is a little more than a year older than you) and getting excited for the day when we get to play with our own baby boy!  i know i tell you all the time how excited i am for you to be here, in our arms, but you should know that your daddy is just as excited.  anytime we're out and about and see little boys running around, being all cute and rough and tumbly, with their crazy hair or messy face and hands, your daddy grins so big and says things like "i can't wait to play with our little boy" or "it's going to be so much fun to have a boy."  he loves you muchly!

we're wrapping up your second trimester which means that we're 2/3's of the way done and so so close to getting to see your squishy love-face.  i really can't believe how fast the weeks are moving by, i've been so busy and the rest of the summer looks like it will be just as full, so it'll be the end of august before we know it!  yay!

love you little man, keep kicking and punching, and doing all your little flips and rolls, it won't be too long before you can show off all your skills to us in person!

you+me and noah!

your favorite foods right now are: pineapple, popsicles, cereal, and chic-fil-a.  oh, and turkey sandwiches!  (<---mostly because mommy can't have those very often, unless i find somewhere that makes them with fresh deli meat ;)

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  1. you + josh's love for sweet lil ras is SO special and beautiful. grow baby grow!! can't wait to see pics of you soon! :)