hello baby. || week 24

9:02 AM

lil' raspberry,

you went on your first road trip this week!  me and you and your daddy drove all the way to virginia for your uncle Ben's graduation from college.  you were such a good little traveler, and didn't even make me have to stop and go to the bathroom every 30 minutes ;)

it was so much fun to be with some of your aunts and uncles + grandparents + great grandparents all weekend long, because they had multiple opportunities to feel and watch you bounce around in my belly.  you are quite the little celebrity in our family, and we all can't wait to meet you!

after your uncles graduation we stayed a few extra days to do some sightseeing, and as we walked around DC your daddy and i talked about how much we would love to bring you and whatever other littles God blesses us with back to DC to see all the sights someday.  i already refer to the three of us as a "family"  and love to talk about all the things your daddy and i do together as "family activities" (like, we had a family game night the other night!) it will be so much more fun when you're able to participate in those activities :)  your daddy and i already have a list of all kinds of things we want to do with you, and only 3 more months until we can start doing them!  i really can't believe how fast time is moving, i'll be kissing your cheeks and holding your sweet smelling squishy little self in no time!


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  1. Awwwww.... :) 3 months! Time is moving quickly!!!

  2. Dear lil' raspberry,
    Though I have yet to meet your mommy or daddy, you should know that you are so very blessed because, through this blog alone, I know that they see you the way God does: a precious, beautiful (or in your case, handsome) blessing that is not to be taken lightly, nor taken for granted. I know that they will make excellent parents, and I can only hope and pray that someday I and whomever the man is that God has for me will be half as good!
    Praying for you "lil' ras",