golden hours.

11:50 AM

"You must have been warned against letting the golden hours slip by;
but some of them are golden only because we let them slip by."
//j.a. barrie

Ice-cream dates, carnivals, exploring little downtown Keller and happening upon the "keller crawfish crawl", farmers market, batting cages, evening serenades, fun packages in the mail addressed to our little man, picnics by the river playing catch and our latest board game obsession "ticket to ride", library dates, saturday morning waffles, our six month anniversary, and reminders of love scribbled in the dust, are a few of my favorite moments and memories from the past few weeks.

So blessed and happy to be the Mrs. to my Mister, and mommy to the little raspberry.

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  1. KELLER?!?! are you serious?!?! ahhh! I literally live 15 minutes from Keller... I live in a neighborhood in Justin, which is like... 5 minutes from Roanoke. Are you familiar with that area?? WHY HAVE WE NOT MET YET K.
    okay. I'm done dying. ;)
    these are adorable. love the little sherrill trio! :)

  2. A. I'll take a bite of that ice cream!
    B. GO BLUE! baby wolverine him is.
    C. You should bring Ticket to Ride for Memorial Day...Dan loves.
    D. Josh is showin' some leg at the library. WOOO! Inappropriate. :)
    Can't wait to see my wittle nephew soon! Tum on wittle nephew, tum on.