the best is yet to be.

11:24 AM

"sometimes I think about what it's going to be like in 50 years when we have a whole lifetime together to look back on and reminisce about.  we'll remember things like how I was always scaring you to death, and how our favorite nickname for each other was 'buddy.'"

"but we'll still call each other 'buddy' in 50 years, right?"

"of course. always."

i love being 5 months 15 days married to you with a baby on the way.  i'm excited about being 15 years married to you (hopefully) with a houseful of little people to love on.  and I can't wait for 50 years of marriage to you, when our teeth start to fall out and our skin gets saggy in all the wrong places and our bedtime is 8PM.  because by then we'll have been "buds" for a very long time.  and long time buddy's are the best kind.

and these two?  well, couples like this make me even more glad that i married my best friend.

"i truly do wonder what in the world it was we thought we had when we married.  i suppose it was a love of sorts.

but when i compare it to what we share now, i guess it was a bit immature.  or just a different season in our lives.  kind of like the tree in the winter or fall, as opposed to the tree full of blossoms and fruit in the springtime.

so yes, it was love.  it was love at it's beginning.  and i guess what we have now is love in the middle.  which makes me marvel imagining, what love will be like in the end."
// alyssa welch

thanks for being my buddy.

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  1. My grandparents would have been married 63 years in June, had my grandmother not passed away in February. They adored each other. This video brought happy tears to my eyes- so thankful for people like them who are such an incredible example and blessing to people like us. :)

  2. One set of grandparents isn't together anymore, and my papa on the other side died 8 years ago. I wonder what it would have been like if he was still alive. I love seeing old couples still happily married after all the ups and downs of life. I couldn't help but smile and laugh when I watched those two together! :) Thank you for posting this Jessica! <3

  3. oh, I just got the best of belly-laughs from that video. so much love between them two. :)

  4. Congratulations Jessica, you made me cry... Again! This was just too sweet, and I wish I had thought todo something like this a few years ago! My grandparents were married on 6 months before yours, and 3 months before my grandpa passed away, they celebrated their 60th anniversary. Oh, and I also call them "Mamaw and Papaw", but add an extra m & p...

  5. Love that couple! They're so cool :D

  6. This is lovely! I now want to film me and my husband each year on our anniversary and see how our answers change each year! I can only image that our love will deepen with each adventure, with children, and grandchildren...
    Have you and the Boy recorded your answers? 5 minutes for each year will be a lovely bunch of memories when ya'll are older, or in the sad event if one passes before the other...