hello baby. || week 21

8:44 AM

lil' raspberry,

i realize now that we know you're a boy "lil' raspberry" may be too girly of a nickname for you, but it's what i've been calling you for almost 5 months now so it's probably going to stick for a while.  your daddy and i have talked about names and we're fairly certain we've settled on two that we like, and it's been fun to be able to call you by that name over the past week or two.  

you are growing by leaps and bounds and i can see/feel changes in you almost daily.  there's no hiding you now (which i looooove!) and everywhere i go people are starting to want to pat my belly and talk to you.  your kicks are much stronger these days and they're no longer confined to right around my belly button, you've started exploring new places and the other day you started stretching your long legs out to kick the side of my belly.

after 6+ months of looking for a church to join your daddy and i have finally found one that we just love and we're so excited to get involved and become a part of the ministry there.  this last week we went to one of their home fellowship groups and there were a lot of other new mommies there as well!  one had just had a baby girl a few weeks ago, and 3 more are due within a few months of when you're due.  you're going to have lots of buds to play with ;)

my anticipation over meeting you face to face grows every day, and there are some days i feel that there's just no way i can wait another 4.5 months to kiss your soft little cheeks and hold you tight in my arms.  i love you so much!


your favorite snacks these days: popsicles (always), bagels, and chipotle.

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  1. Oh, this is so sweet! I know so many couples at my church right now that are having babies or announcing that they are pregnant and it is just a very special time! I am praying for you, The Boy, and lil' ras!


  2. What a blessing to have those friendships beginning at church! Him already has play date buddies, yay!!!

  3. jessica you are just the cutest mom ever <3 love your outfit ;)