hello baby. || week 17

5:48 PM

lil' raspberry,

you are huge.  just kidding, you're actually not, it just feels like you've gotten so big in the last week or two.  and it probably feels that way because you have. (this pregnancy has brought out the captain obvious in me i guess ;)  seriously though, i've been pregnant for over 4 months now and these last few weeks i've finally started to actually feel pregnant.  every time i squat, bend over, lay on my stomach, or hug your daddy it feels like theres a smallish basketball getting in the way.  but it's just you, sweet little person, and i love the growing reminders i get that you're a part of our lives!

your bounces, taps, and pokes are now a regular part of my day, you don't ever seem to sleep for long periods of time, because every hour or so you're up swimming in circles or practicing your baseball throw ;)  aparently there's a good chance that your little ears are starting to hear sound, and i love to talk to you throughout the day.  you help me decide what to make for dinner, and sometimes even help with business decisions!  (one tap means no, two means yes;)

i love you little love, can't wait to see your face in just a few days!


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