the weekend

8:23 AM

This past weekend was one of my favorite weekends we've had together since getting married.  Something about the warmer weather, the little person growing inside me, and 2 days with no exact schedule made for the most lovely relaxing days together.

I started the weekend friday afternoon with time at the pool, reading, working on my tan, and consuming several ice-pops (hello summer deliciousness!)  Friday night was date night: concert at Bass Hall downtown, and then gelato (for 3) at our favorite little gelato shop in Sundance Square.
saturday morning was sleep late, cinnamon toast, and packing up for a bike ride + picnic.
4 hours later (2 of which were spent riding our bikes in the hot sun) we staggered home and crashed on the living room floor hot, exhausted, and SO sunburnt.  dinner was burgers grilled and eaten out on our little patio, after which we braved the dollar theater near us for the first time.  (we were pleasantly surprised at its cleanliness and attempts to be well kept.  also, i did not come away with lice, winwin!)  (lice is basically my biggest fear every time i go into a questionable looking theater)
(i ate this whole thing. and wanted another one. i'm really not used to this desire to eat!all!the!food!)

i don't have any pictures from sunday, but it was comprised of church, chipotle, a little bit of shopping, (and looking at the adorable puppies they had up for adoption outside petsmart! somebody convince me that getting a puppy 5.5 months before you have a baby while living in an apartment is a stupid idea.) and an evening spent out on the porch again, soaking up the last little bits of weekend while talking about lil' ras and thinking about our hopes + plans for the next few years.

life is so much beautiful right now.

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  1. I'm loving these glimpses into your life:) so cute! so presh! ps...I was thinking last night about how horribly I've kept in touch with you. no me gusta. but now that you've got all these wonderful posts about your life i feel a bit more in the know;)

  2. awwww. I love the sherrills. seeing all these glimpses into your (married :) life as a family of three...well, it's pretty lovely. :) (ps. eagerly awaiting the days until I know whether to send little ras a pink dress or some blue overalls ;)

  3. I love seeing your life! What a beautiful pregnant mama you are :)

  4. Awww... it sounds like a delightful weekend indeed! Love the pictures, love the little glimpses in to your life. :)
    Oh, and I believe that is called a "dimple", not a double chin. hehe Dimples are adorable.

  5. love these photos! looks like you had a fun weekend. :))

  6. Getting a puppy would be a challenge, because it would still be a puppy and need attention and training when your little one arrives. However, adopting an older dog from your local shelter would be a perfect addition to your family! An older dog will already be trained and not as likely to chew all your shoes. Plus you're saving a life and bringing in the perfect future guardian and playmate for your lil' raspberry! :)

  7. What a great weekend for a family of three! :)

  8. So much happiness :) :). I love you