hello baby. || week 16

1:32 PM

lil' raspberry,

sixteen has been my favorite number for as long as i can remember, so it only makes sense that this would be the most eventful week of your little life so far.  i know that the weeks ahead will be full of SO many big changes and movement and growth and all kinds of new fun, but for now i'm enjoying every little bit of "new" as it comes along.  towards the end of last week i had begun to feel little bumps and taps in my belly and i wasn't sure if i could attribute those to your little hands and feet having fun or if i should just be realistic and admit that it was gas.  (because let's face it, pregnancy is lovely and sweet, but it's also gassy. and bloated. and heartburn. and burpy. and wonderful. really, it is.)

but after about 3 days of lots of "bumps" i was convinced that you'd finally decided to make your presence known to the outside world.  then, as if me getting to feel all of your little movements wasn't tear jerking enough for one week, your daddy and i were laying in bed one night i thought it would be fun to see if maybe he could feel you move as well.  you must have been very excited to impress him because the bumps got a little stronger and crazier that night as your daddy was introduced to your little fists and toes for the first time.  you've kept it up all week and while you mostly like to head-butt me while I'm laying down or sitting still, you're also a fan of car rides and country music.  (no, i'm not making that up, i turned on country music this morning and you started bouncing around. what further proof do you need?)

the other exciting development this week was that we finally were able to schedule your first sonogram!  so we're just daaaayysss away from seeing your precious little face and finding out if you're a girl or a boy.  the anticipation leading up to this day feels worse than christmas and birthday and wedding day all wrapped up together.  SO crazy excited to see your tiny self and fall even more completely in love with you.


thank you kristen for documenting my favorite week of pregnancy so far!

your current favorite foods are: hamburgers, and popsicles. ;)

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  1. country baby at heart. :)
    (i have a feeling little ras will love sweet tea and dusty texas sunrises over fields juuuust as much as you do :)

  2. Awww...love this post.
    Love these pictures. You are gorgeous!

    Oh, and 16 is my favorite number too:D

  3. So sweet... I love your updates!

  4. seriously, you are the cutest pregnant momma. little ras is going to be adored in that sherrill house! :)

  5. Ditto Olivia on the cutest pregnant momma. :) love these posts..and am so excited for you & The Boy as you are in this new journey of life! :)

  6. can't wait to find out whether it's a little miss raspberry or a little mister raspberry! :)

  7. eeeep! how exciting! can't wait to find out the gender of little ras. :)

  8. Yay that lil' ras loves country music!!! (Hopefully sweet tea too!...Does he/she have any hope not to?) We can really see her now!...You look beautiful!