hello baby || week 15

9:38 AM

lil' raspberry,

psalm 22:30-31 says:
"a posterity shall serve Him.
it will be recounted of the Lord to the next generation,
they will come and declare His righteousness 
to a people who will be born,
that He has done this."

I love that thousands of years ago, God had you and me specifically in mind when he had David write those words.  Jesus will use so many different things and people to teach you about Himself in your lifetime, but the very first people He wants to use to do that is your daddy and i.  to be entrusted with such a task is an overwhelming and completely exciting thought... i can't wait to tell you about Jesus!  His love is better than life, and He will satisfy your soul with so much goodness.  i'm also learning that not only does He want to use me to declare His love and righteousness to you, He has already begun to use your precious little life to help me understand His love for me in ways I've never understood.  To know that the fierce and happy love I feel for you, is just a drop in the bucket compared to the steadfast, and perfect love the Lord has for me is a wonderful thought to dwell on and attempt to comprehend.

but, on to the weekly updates ;)  according to all the "blogs" and articles i've read you should be gearing up for a big growth spurt in the next week or two, and i can't wait!  though my stomach seems to have stopped growing over the last week or so, my appetite seems to be getting bigger and bigger every day, so i can only assume that means that you're gobbling up all those extra calories i'm eating.  (your mommy can't thank you enough for this ;) )  i've also started feeling the softest of "bumps" in my tummy this week, and though it's definitely on the early side for me to be feeling you moving around just yet, every time i feel it i'm enjoying wondering if you're in there doing somersaults or just stretching after a little nap.

you also went on your first bike ride + picnic with mommy and daddy this week!  after the two hour bike ride i felt like maybe that wasn't the smartest decision, i've never been so worn out in my life, but we had fun anyways :) 


crummy iphone picture, i know, but we had to document your first bike ride!

your current favorite snacks are: cutie oranges and burgers!  (which is totally weird, because I've never really liked burgers all that much, but you've changed my mind about that)

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  1. Ok you totally made me laugh at the burger comment...Keaton did the same thing to me!! We were on a trip, and I asked Jesse to order me a burger...he pretty much fell out of the car in astonishment! Gotta love prego cravings!! :)

  2. awh this is so cute. and after i drink pop, my 'pop bump' is way bigger then your baby bump ;) xx