hello baby || week 14

3:06 PM

lil' raspberry,

a few nights ago i rolled over in the middle of the night and for the first time actually felt like i was "squishing" you... (sorry about that ;).  i love how big you're getting!  you're over 4 inches long and apparently just dancing up a storm most days, though i can't feel you yet.  you had your second doctors appointment this week which was the highlight of my week by far.  i got to hear your heartbeat again and i loved it just as much as last time :)  other than my growing tummy, hearing your little heart beating is the only other tangible "proof" i have that you're in there, getting stronger every day!  after my midwife found your heartbeat and we started listening to it on the doppler, there were these little scratching interference kind of noises that would come through every few seconds.  My midwife said that was because you were kicking and moving your little arms and legs.  apparently you were pretty excited about all the attention you were getting and decided to show off a little bit ;)

i love you baby raspberry!


your current favorite foods are: cheese and little cuties!  i usually have one or two little clementine oranges in the morning with breakfast and then sometimes sneak another one in the afternoon for a snack.

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  1. I LOVE this blog ! and that little raspberry sounds adorable already !

  2. love this. :) you are absolutely beautiful with that little baby bump. :) {you're beautiful without it too, of course!} :) baby raspberry is going to be absolutely adorable. :) x

  3. adoring that baby bump + these sweet mama posts. :)

  4. this honestly makes me so happy & giddy. you'll be the best momma ever.

  5. Oh, how beautiful and exciting, little raspberry is gorgeous already at 5 inches long! :)