small beginnings.

7:41 AM

"you're gonna miss this
you're gonna want this back
you're gonna wish these days
hadn't gone by so fast."
you're gonna miss this || trace adkins

the other night we sat out on our tiny balcony, enjoying the daylight that lingered later since we had "sprung forward", eating pizza, getting flirty and competitive with each other over over a game of bananagrams, listening to james taylor, and talking about the little person growing quietly in my tummy.  afterwards we washed dishes and cleaned the kitchen together and laughed and life felt so happy.

a few days ago I got in bed feeling hormonal, out of sorts, and frustrated knowing i just needed a good nights sleep to "fix" the irrational grumpiness i was feeling.  after we turned out the light and i had started to drift off to sleep, you reached over, wove your fingers through mine and told me you loved me.  i fell asleep grateful for a husband who didn't always "get" my hormones, but "got" me, and loved me so sweetly in spite of it all.

last friday night you came home from work after a long week and said you wanted to take me to do something fun (but low key) so we were going to a movie that night.  you asked if i minded if we stopped by a bookstore on the way because there was a book you were looking for, and of course i agreed--bookstores are our favorite.  as we left to head to the movie, i sheepishly admitted that i was feeling pretty wiped, and "would it be totally lame of to to ask if we could skip the movie, go home, climb into bed, and read our new books?"  you said it wasn't lame, so that's exactly what we did. in bed by 8:30 that night, you engrossed in john mcarthur, me in my new book about homeschooling.  it was a pitiful way to spend a friday night, or at least most people might think so, but it was one of my favorite friday nights i've had with you.


"Still my soul be still, do not forsake
the truth you learned in the beginning."
still my soul be still || k & k getty

"I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid
or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple little pleasures,
following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
l.m. mongtomery

"This was the Lord's doing;
it is marvelous in our eyes.
This is the day the Lord has made;
we will rejoice and be glad in it."
psalm 118:23,24

"Do not despise these small beginnings,
for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin..."
zechariah 4:10a

Season by season I watch Him, amazed
in awe of the mystery of His perfect ways
He's always been faithful || s. groves


there are so many things i don't want to forget about this sweet new life i've begun with you.  a year ago today i was just a girl in love with her boyfriend, but since then we've gotten engaged, and married, i've changed names/houses/towns, and became a mommy.  and if there's something all of that taught me it was this: life moves so much faster than we realize.  and when my tomorrows are looming so sweet and bright just up the road it's easy to want to run ahead and get there as fast as i can.  because i cannot wait to hold my sweet baby in my arms.  but i'm realizing that once that is a reality my today will have become a yesterday never to be gotten back.  and as much as i look forward to the excitement of tomorrow, i love my today's.  just you and me, something that we won't get again for a very long long time.

i love weeknights spent in my sweats on the couch with you, watching re-runs of The Mentalist, Boy Meets World, or Monk.  i love all the ways we find to have cheap dates: movies at the dollar theater, bike rides, picnics, and saturday morning donuts.  i love tickle fights, good morning kisses, foot rubs, dreaming big dreams, and you scaring me so bad i almost die of fright, while you laugh so hard you cry over how funny it was.  i love one car and dropping you off for work in the mornings in my sweats and morning face that you say is your favorite.  i love our fancy dates, dressing up, concerts at Bass Hall, and dinners at new places downtown.  i love evenings spent listening to you play your guitar and violin, and how you always play "tale as old as time" because it's my favorite.  i love the little traditions we've already established, wednesday night is spaghetti night, saturday mornings are for sleeping in and donut runs, psalms are what we read after dinner each night, and whoever cooks is not responsible for dishes.  i love that we both think the other person is hilarious, and i especially love when you start cheesy dancing to cheesy music.  i love how much time we spend in target and bookstores, because they're our favorites.  i love dinners on our back porch, walks to the park to throw the frisbee, and how you text or call me every day on your lunch break just to say hi.  i love realizing that we're adults supposedly living adult lives, but still feeling like kids most of the time.

we have so much to look forward to in the years ahead.  and yes, life's just going to get sweeter and crazier as our family expands, but with that comes days where we'll rarely get more than 20 minutes all to ourselves, so i don't ever want to forget these first few months of "small beginnings".

just me and you.


hello baby. || week 16

1:32 PM

lil' raspberry,

sixteen has been my favorite number for as long as i can remember, so it only makes sense that this would be the most eventful week of your little life so far.  i know that the weeks ahead will be full of SO many big changes and movement and growth and all kinds of new fun, but for now i'm enjoying every little bit of "new" as it comes along.  towards the end of last week i had begun to feel little bumps and taps in my belly and i wasn't sure if i could attribute those to your little hands and feet having fun or if i should just be realistic and admit that it was gas.  (because let's face it, pregnancy is lovely and sweet, but it's also gassy. and bloated. and heartburn. and burpy. and wonderful. really, it is.)

but after about 3 days of lots of "bumps" i was convinced that you'd finally decided to make your presence known to the outside world.  then, as if me getting to feel all of your little movements wasn't tear jerking enough for one week, your daddy and i were laying in bed one night i thought it would be fun to see if maybe he could feel you move as well.  you must have been very excited to impress him because the bumps got a little stronger and crazier that night as your daddy was introduced to your little fists and toes for the first time.  you've kept it up all week and while you mostly like to head-butt me while I'm laying down or sitting still, you're also a fan of car rides and country music.  (no, i'm not making that up, i turned on country music this morning and you started bouncing around. what further proof do you need?)

the other exciting development this week was that we finally were able to schedule your first sonogram!  so we're just daaaayysss away from seeing your precious little face and finding out if you're a girl or a boy.  the anticipation leading up to this day feels worse than christmas and birthday and wedding day all wrapped up together.  SO crazy excited to see your tiny self and fall even more completely in love with you.


thank you kristen for documenting my favorite week of pregnancy so far!

your current favorite foods are: hamburgers, and popsicles. ;)


the weekend

8:23 AM

This past weekend was one of my favorite weekends we've had together since getting married.  Something about the warmer weather, the little person growing inside me, and 2 days with no exact schedule made for the most lovely relaxing days together.

I started the weekend friday afternoon with time at the pool, reading, working on my tan, and consuming several ice-pops (hello summer deliciousness!)  Friday night was date night: concert at Bass Hall downtown, and then gelato (for 3) at our favorite little gelato shop in Sundance Square.
saturday morning was sleep late, cinnamon toast, and packing up for a bike ride + picnic.
4 hours later (2 of which were spent riding our bikes in the hot sun) we staggered home and crashed on the living room floor hot, exhausted, and SO sunburnt.  dinner was burgers grilled and eaten out on our little patio, after which we braved the dollar theater near us for the first time.  (we were pleasantly surprised at its cleanliness and attempts to be well kept.  also, i did not come away with lice, winwin!)  (lice is basically my biggest fear every time i go into a questionable looking theater)
(i ate this whole thing. and wanted another one. i'm really not used to this desire to eat!all!the!food!)

i don't have any pictures from sunday, but it was comprised of church, chipotle, a little bit of shopping, (and looking at the adorable puppies they had up for adoption outside petsmart! somebody convince me that getting a puppy 5.5 months before you have a baby while living in an apartment is a stupid idea.) and an evening spent out on the porch again, soaking up the last little bits of weekend while talking about lil' ras and thinking about our hopes + plans for the next few years.

life is so much beautiful right now.


hello baby || week 15

9:38 AM

lil' raspberry,

psalm 22:30-31 says:
"a posterity shall serve Him.
it will be recounted of the Lord to the next generation,
they will come and declare His righteousness 
to a people who will be born,
that He has done this."

I love that thousands of years ago, God had you and me specifically in mind when he had David write those words.  Jesus will use so many different things and people to teach you about Himself in your lifetime, but the very first people He wants to use to do that is your daddy and i.  to be entrusted with such a task is an overwhelming and completely exciting thought... i can't wait to tell you about Jesus!  His love is better than life, and He will satisfy your soul with so much goodness.  i'm also learning that not only does He want to use me to declare His love and righteousness to you, He has already begun to use your precious little life to help me understand His love for me in ways I've never understood.  To know that the fierce and happy love I feel for you, is just a drop in the bucket compared to the steadfast, and perfect love the Lord has for me is a wonderful thought to dwell on and attempt to comprehend.

but, on to the weekly updates ;)  according to all the "blogs" and articles i've read you should be gearing up for a big growth spurt in the next week or two, and i can't wait!  though my stomach seems to have stopped growing over the last week or so, my appetite seems to be getting bigger and bigger every day, so i can only assume that means that you're gobbling up all those extra calories i'm eating.  (your mommy can't thank you enough for this ;) )  i've also started feeling the softest of "bumps" in my tummy this week, and though it's definitely on the early side for me to be feeling you moving around just yet, every time i feel it i'm enjoying wondering if you're in there doing somersaults or just stretching after a little nap.

you also went on your first bike ride + picnic with mommy and daddy this week!  after the two hour bike ride i felt like maybe that wasn't the smartest decision, i've never been so worn out in my life, but we had fun anyways :) 


crummy iphone picture, i know, but we had to document your first bike ride!

your current favorite snacks are: cutie oranges and burgers!  (which is totally weird, because I've never really liked burgers all that much, but you've changed my mind about that)


hello baby || week 14

3:06 PM

lil' raspberry,

a few nights ago i rolled over in the middle of the night and for the first time actually felt like i was "squishing" you... (sorry about that ;).  i love how big you're getting!  you're over 4 inches long and apparently just dancing up a storm most days, though i can't feel you yet.  you had your second doctors appointment this week which was the highlight of my week by far.  i got to hear your heartbeat again and i loved it just as much as last time :)  other than my growing tummy, hearing your little heart beating is the only other tangible "proof" i have that you're in there, getting stronger every day!  after my midwife found your heartbeat and we started listening to it on the doppler, there were these little scratching interference kind of noises that would come through every few seconds.  My midwife said that was because you were kicking and moving your little arms and legs.  apparently you were pretty excited about all the attention you were getting and decided to show off a little bit ;)

i love you baby raspberry!


your current favorite foods are: cheese and little cuties!  i usually have one or two little clementine oranges in the morning with breakfast and then sometimes sneak another one in the afternoon for a snack.