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one of my goals as a newly instated wife was to continually broaden our meals with at least one new meal a week.  between the pioneer woman cookbook that I own, the huge cookbook that we got for our wedding, and pinterest, i didn't think it would be very difficult to find new things to cook that often.  since morning sickness has set in however, there have been a lot of days where just getting a basic meal on the table that i know how to cook by memory has been a challenge, so new recipes have been far and few between.  i've started feeling a lot better here recently though, so cooking has been a little less of a challenge and i'm ready to start getting more creative.  maybe not once a week, but at least several times a month :)  as i make new things i'm planning on posting the recipes here and a little review on how it turned out...

last night i made a small new thing, homemade pico-de-gallo!  my mom used to make it, so though i'd eaten it i'd never actually made it before.  it's my favorite kind of recipe--the measurements aren't exact, you just add ingredients until it tastes right!  (i hate measuring if i don't absolutely have to, it takes all the adventure out of cooking!)

(serving size 3-4)

3 roma tomatos
1 clove of garlic (pressed or finely diced)
1/2 of an onion (i used red, but yellow would work too)
1 medium (fresh!) jalepeno
1 medium lime
garlic salt

chop the tomatos in half, and before dicing them completely remove their squishy guts leaving only the outside shell.  dice onions and garlic and add them to the diced tomatos.  de-seed the jalepeno before dicing it and adding it to the mixture.  i LOVE cilantro, so i chopped up quite a bit of it (i honestly have no measurement for this part) and added that.  i had my husband squeeze the lime because a.) i love lime juice, and b.) we only had one lime so i needed it to go far, and c.) he's much stronger than i am and therefore could squeeze a whole lot more juice out of the little guy.  then i just sprinkled garlic salt until it tasted right!  All of the measurements are general, and you can change things up to fit your preferences.

i was making grilled chicken pasta (one of The Boy's favorite meals) and made the pico to go on top, but I also love it with just chips or quesadillas!  it's yummy and fresh, not to mention so pretty and colorful :)

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  1. "Completely remove their squishy guts..." LOVE it!!! Hahaha.