hello baby. || week 12

8:34 AM

lil' raspberry,

you're three months big now! (i.e. over two inches long, with fingers and toes that are starting to curl and uncurl!)  i've been so so SO eager for this day to get here, and i can't believe how fast it came!  we're one third of the way to getting to hold you and kiss you and love on you in person.  today is also a big day because it's your debut day!  for the past several months only your grandparents + great-grandparents + aunts/uncles + other close family and friends have known about you, but today we're announcing to everyone else we know that we are parents to the most precious little raspberry of a baby ;)  it's been so hard the past few months not being able to tell everyone i see about you and how excited i am.  literally everyone, people at the grocery store, bank, church, wether I know them or not -- i love you so much and think you're so wonderful i feel like surely everyone would like to hear about you ;)  i just can't wait for the rest of the world to rejoice in the tiny miracle that you are.


This is the little announcement that I made to share online with everyone, look at how big you are! ;)

current your favorite snacks are: banana's and almonds!

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  1. This is beautiful and so exciting! You are a precious mommy and something tells me this is going to be a very well love little one :) Congratulations!

  2. This is so so so exciting!! So happy for you....God is so amazing. Congrats!

  3. These posts are just so precious. Just think how fun it will be for "Raspberry" to read them when he/she is grown up. :-)

  4. This was such a precious idea - writing letters to sweet baby Raspberry! So excited for you!

  5. I can't tell you how happy and excited I am for you. I am looking forward to this blog take off, and I am already convinced it will be on my favorite blog list ;) (mommy blogs are my absolute favorite :D) I wish the best for you and your little Raspberry :D So happy for you and Josh. It's been so cool seeing you and "The Boy" come together, start courting, become engaged, get married and now have your first child. How cool. Blessings~ Morgan Elise

  6. these are just the sweetest. i can't wait to meet little raspberry someday. :)