hello baby. || week 11

1:41 PM

lil' raspberry,

i was thinking back the other day, to how when we first found out that you existed you were nothing more than the size of a tiny poppyseed!  i remember thinking at the time how marvelous and wonderful it was that everything you needed to grow into the human that God wanted you to be was wrapped up in your tiny poppyseed of a body!  now here we are almost 2 months later and you've grown to be the size of a small plum!  

your daddy and i pray for you all the time, that your tiny body would continue to grow healthy and strong, but more importantly that you would someday come to know Jesus as your Savior and that you would grow in likeness to Him!  we love to lay in bed at night and talk about you, and sometimes your daddy will put his hand on my tummy so he can take a turn "holding" you--we can't wait to feel you move!  i am still so in awe of the fact that God chose me to be your mommy, and that's something that i hope i don't ever get over.

i decided that now that my tummy seems to have a semi-permanent little pooch it was probably time to start officially documenting your growth with pictures!


i realized after posting this picture that the last "tummy" picture i posted i was wearing this dress.  what can i say, on the days when i actually take the time to get dressed in something other than yoga pants or sweats i tend to wear one of three different soft, stretchy, maxi dresses--they seem to be the most comfy "real" clothes for me to wear right now.

currently your favorite snacks are: apples and peanut butter (you love that protein!), chocolate chip bagels, and a bowl of cereal before bed ;)

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