first heartbeat

8:58 AM

we heard the heartbeat for the first time today! the dear little raspberry had his/her first midwife appointment today and everything looked great! i was far enough along (10 weeks and 2 days!) to look for the heartbeat, and though it took a minute to find (lil' thing was snuggled way down in my tummy taking a nap) once she found it, it came through loud and clear! our midwife said that it was beating strong and fast just like it should, and that everything sounded great.

we're SO VERY grateful to God for how trouble free this pregnancy has been so far, and for how He's growing our baby to be strong and healthy! i could never explain how completely weird and wonderful it is to try and grasp the concept that there's a tiny human being growing inside of me. but not just any human being, it's a tiny baby formed by The Creator of the Universe to look a little bit like me and a little bit like the person that i love more than anyone else in the world. the whole time that she was looking for the heartbeat i felt like i was holding my breath and praying over and over "oh please let her find it." when it finally started to come through the speaker, a little broken up and fuzzy at first, but then stronger and stronger i wanted to cry and laugh but didn't dare because i was afraid to miss even one tiny beat. it was the sweetest sound i've ever heard :)

we recorded it on my phone and i've already listened to it about 20 times this morning. i predict that today's not going to be a very productive day ;) we love our precious little raspberry so much!
p.s. scroll to the bottom of the post and you can hear the heartbeat too! :)

driving in the cold fog // anxiously waiting for our turn.
we're parents!  we have a baby!  whaaaat?!

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  1. Our family of three listened to 'lil raspberry's heartbeat tonight and baby Noah was so cited to hear the sound of him's wittle tousin! :) Congratulations! We're so glad to hear baby is growing healthy and strong!

  2. So precious!!! Thank you for sharing little raspberry's heartbeat.

  3. That's SO COOL hearing y'all's baby's heartbeat!!