hello baby. || week 9

8:30 AM

lil' raspberry,

when I first found out that a little tiny you was growing inside of me, it seemed like the next 8 months would be forever + a day.  and at times it has definitely felt like waiting to hold you and kiss you was going to be the longest wait of my life.  but i can't believe how quickly time is passing, you're over 2 months along now!  i'm nearing the end of my 1st trimester, and that means several things.  first of all, most of your major organs are in place and getting stronger and bigger every day.  soon you'll be growing so fast, my tummy won't be able to hide you any more--and I'm so excited about that!  Even now, after i've eaten a big meal my tummy has a little pooch, which i LOVE, because it's just one more sign that you're in there growing big and strong!

i've also started to slowly get over my morning sickness, and i can now cook your daddy breakfast and dinner without feeling sick, and i'm eating a lot better now too!  your current fav snacks seem to be popcorn and frosted mini wheats ;)

i love you so much precious baby, and i'm so excited to be your mommy!


currently your favorite snacks are: popcorn, popcorn, and moooooore popcorn.  seriously, you can't get enough of that stuff ;)

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